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Insightech Global Consulting, Inc. (IGC) is an IT and financial service company engaged in Trade Signal and Portfolio Analysis, and involved in Algorithmic Trading in the futures market. Backed with years of experience in research and analysis, IGC's expertise extends to all future products which include currencies, indices, and commodities.

IGC's priority is the achievement of profit. IGC is devoted to the understanding of different markets in order to provide good trading signals which are not only for the use of its valued clients but also for its own trading strategies. To further guarantee performance, IGC devotes itself to the continuous research of the new services and benefits offered by brokerage firms. This way, IGC would gain the advantage of knowing which broker would provide good service and lowest transaction cost thereby ensuring best value for the company and its clients.

IGC helps its clients on their financial concerns and provide them with accurate information or data and solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve smooth trading and investment decisions. It is involved   in   Algorithmic Trading, which uses computer programs for entering trading orders to determine the correct timing, price, and/or even the final quantity of the order. Thus, it helps manage the market impact, maximize opportunity cost, and reduce risk through the use of Algorithm Analysis, Algorithm Back Test and Forward Test Programming. This also allows to make good decisions to initiate orders (based on information received electronically) before traders are fully aware of the information.


Insightech Global Consulting (IGC) Inc. offers a reliable, high quality Trade Signals and Portfolio Analysis Reports on an international scale. Our analysts offers a very high level of practical experience, know how, and confidentiality. Clients must know that working with IGC is a more professional, less risky way to carry out investments, such that IGC provides reliable, accurate, and well-probed trade and portfolio reports.IGC aims to maintain financial balance and grow wealth together with its clients.

Providing a reliable, accurate, and well-probed trade and portfolio reports.
Excellence in fulfilling the satisfaction and expectation of clients by maintaining a pool of excellent, trustworthy analysts.
Uphold a healthy competition to establish a good reputation.

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